Our editors are the beating heart of Exploring Economics. They are constantly feeding the discover section with videos, podcasts, essays and teaching material, which is evaluated and summarized by them in such a way as to enable you to get the big picture. They are mainly young scholars and students and they are organized in different working groups. Do you want to join us? Drop us a message!


Aabid Firdausi MS is a Master's student of Economics at the University of Kerala, India. He is interested in understanding the socio-spatial dynamics of capitalism from a Marxist perspective.



Alice Ngo is a PhD Candidate in Economics and Econometrics at the Huddersfield Business School - University of Huddersfield.


Ana Luíza Matos de Oliveira, M.Sc. (Economist), and a PhD candidate in Development Economics at Unicamp (Brazil). Consultant on social policy and labour market.



Camilo Barría R. is a Historian, History Teacher and Firefighter from Chile. He is interested in Keynesian Economics, Neoliberalism, Industrial Policy and the Economic History of Chile, Argentina and South Korea.


Despoina Tsuougkou interest in Economics spans a variety of areas including innovation dynamics, economic development and growth, as well as socio-economic inequalities within and across societies. For her master's thesis, she studied the relationship between gender diversity and innovative capacity of newly started ventures. She is curious about exploring economics from a feminist perspective, and besides, wants to learn what lies at the intersection of economics and gender.


Hugo Mello is a Master’s student of Economics at University of Lisbon. He is interested in the BRICS economies, Eurozone, fiscal and monetary policies and International Economics.


Jonathan Busch is a research fellow in the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds. He researches and teaches Ecological Economics, and is particularly interested in understanding the macroeconomics of sustainability transitions.



Kerstin Hötte is a PhD student at the University of Bielefeld, Germany, and the Paris-1, Sorbonne-Panthéon in France. She is working on the directedness of technological and structural change in the economy using agent-based and complex-adaptive system methods. Editor in complexity and evolutionary economics.



Leeza Gavronsky recently graduated from Barnard College in New York City, where she is based. Leeza is interested in development, feminist, and behavioral economic perspectives, and the way that these perspectives can contribute to a more people-centered economics.



Sahana Subramanyam is a final year undergraduate student of economics at Azim Premji University, India. Her current research investigates themes of caste, income inequality and insurance in an agent-based model. 




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