Our editors are the beating heart of Exploring Economics. They are constantly feeding the discover section with videos, podcasts, essays and teaching material, which is evaluated and summarized by them in such a way as to enable you to get the big picture. They are mainly young scholars and students and they are organized in different working groups. Do you want to join us? Drop us a message!


Armando Memushi
Charlotte Siegmann
Christopher Dathe
Dita Dobranja
Hugo Mello is a Master’s student of Economics at University of Lisbon. He is interested in the BRICS economies, Eurozone, fiscal and monetary policies and International Economics.
Jacobo Castellanos
Jorim Gerrard is a master student of Economics and part of the program Economic Policies in the age of Globalisation (EPOG) at the University for Law & Economics Berlin and the University Paris 13 & 7. At Exploring Economics his roles are mainly the coordination of the curation, ministration and search for material and the editor team.
Julian Pallinger
Julien Hallak
Kerstin Hoette
María Elena Mejia
Marie Young Brun
matthieu chtioui
Nikita Asnani
Nora Jusufi
Panchali Banerjee
Philipp Censkowsky
Rebecca Lohmann
Sheral Shah
Zeno Bernhard


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