Why Do People Migrate? Part 2: Theories

Level: leicht
Sabrina Marchetti; Anna Triandafyllidou

The course approaches migration as a constant phenomenon in human history and examines its main supporting theories. It illustrates theories about people's individual decisions to migrate and also the factors of migration as a structural feature of our societies. It explains the role social networks and institutions play in making people move to another country, or return to their own. Finally, it includes interviews with international experts that describe how migration theories can help to understand some topical case studies of labour migrations in the world.

Universität: European University Institute
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Sprache: English
Disziplin: Politikwissenschaft, Soziologie
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Schlagwörter Care , Entwicklung , Institutionen , Arbeitsmigration , Migration , Netzwerke , Migrationsgründe