Global Social Change

Level: leicht
Smitha Radhakrishnan

What possibilities exist for a fairer world? Can one person truly make a difference? In this social sciences course, we sample the possibilities and limits of social change in an interconnected, inequitable global landscape.

This course features in-depth examinations of the rise of garment work for Bangladeshi women, a labor strike in a Mexican suit factory, anti-sweatshop activism in China, and a chat with the president of one of the oldest textile manufacturers in the U.S.

Universität: Wellesley College
Plattform: edX
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Wiederholung: flexible
Sprache: English
Disziplin: Sozialwissenschaften
Teilnahme: Kostenlos
Zertifikat: 49,00 USD
Aufwand pro Woche: 2,0 h
Schlagwörter Aktivismus , Ausbeutung , Globalisierung , Protest , Sozialwissenschaften , Soziologie , Transformation