Global Sociology

Level: leicht
Smitha Radhakrishnan

Ever wondered why some countries are rich and others poor? Or why some people believe hard work results in upward mobility and others don’t? To answer these questions, you need to “see” the world sociologically.

In this introductory sociology course, we will explore the concerns of an interconnected global world through classic sociological concepts. Through short lectures, interviews with prominent sociologists and everyday people around the world, you will learn to see your role in the scope of global history.

Universität: Wellesley College
Plattform: edX
Wiederholung: flexible
Sprache: English
Disziplin: Sozialwissenschaften
Teilnahme: Kostenlos
Zertifikat: 49,00 USD
Aufwand pro Woche: 2,0 h
Schlagwörter Mobilität , Sozialwissenschaften , Soziologie , Weltsystemtheorie